Leaky or Broken Pipes

fix-a-leaking-pipeWe can repair or replace any type of leaky pipe, be it an outside buried water main or interior water pipe, made of copper, terracotta or PVC, in kitchens, bathrooms, basements and anywhere in between. With over 25 years of experience in home and commercial plumbing repair, we have the expertise to fix your broken or leaky pipes right the first time, saving you the hassle of multiple plumber visits for the same problem – and always at a reasonable price.

In most homes where there have been problems with leaking pipes, it is wise to consider full pipe replacement. We’ve provided whole-house plumbing replacement services throughout Harford and Cecil counties, giving home owners peace of mind and creating lots of happy customers in the process. Contact us today for an inspection if a previously leaky pipe has you concerned that a future leak might damage your property.

How Do I Seal a Leaking Pipe?

repairing a leaky drainWe would not recommend attempting to fix a leaking pipe yourself if you have never done it (successfully) before. However, there are steps you can take  to reduce the potential damage to your home (ceiling, walls, floors, furniture) while waiting for a plumber to arrive. In most cases, we find that visitors to this website who have actual leaking pipes are looking to get us out to their homes as soon as possible, and are not planning to read a page on how to fix the leak themselves! But for those who are real DIYers, here are some tips.

Fix a Pinhole Leak in Copper Pipe

Tiny pinhole leaks do not generally occur in PVC piping. This guide assumes you have already exposed the leaking copper pipe, whether it is within a wall or a ceiling, and that the leak is caused by a tiny pinhole. If your pipe shows more damage than a tiny pinhole, call Hometown Plumbing immediately.

First, be sure you know exactly where along the pipe the leak is occurring, so you will know where to fix it once the water has been turned off. Mark it somehow if necessary. Then as quickly as possible, stop the water flow at the source. A wise homeowner will know where in the house to find the main water shut-off valve. Find it and turn it off. Depending on where the leak is occurring, it is possible that there may be a shut-off valve closer to the leak. Once the water has been shut off at the source, turn on the faucets that are “downstream” of the leak in order to allow the water in the pipe to drain out. Turning on multiple faucets in the house may allow the pipe to drain faster. These steps should stop the water from leaking, and give you an opportunity to dry off the pipe, as well as the area around the pipe to prevent any possible mold or mildew growth inside the wall or ceiling.

After the pipe has completely air dried with no indication of continued leakage, get a piece of patch rubber and cut it into a rectangle so that it will wrap completely around the pipe without overlapping, leaving a 1.5 to 2-inch margin on both sides of the leakage pinhole. Using a brush or putty knife, spread some epoxy around the entire pipe at the area where the leak occurred. Wrap the pre-cut rubber around the pipe with the epoxy, and use pipe clamps on either side to secure it tightly onto the pipe. Allow to set for one to two hours. Finally, cover the entire area with water resistant vinyl tape.

Slowly restore the water flow from the source, checking carefully for the next hour to be sure there is no additional leakage. Note that in cases where the chemical makeup of your water has caused a pinhole leak, it is typical to see additional leaks. We highly recommend having a professional plumber inspect the pipe prior to re-enclosing it within the wall or ceiling to be sure that it shouldn’t be replaced.

None of us wants to ever experience the hassle of dealing with a leaky pipe. But when it happens, we need a trusted, local plumbing company who can get there quickly and do the job right, without causing even further mess or disruption in our home. In Harford, Cecil and Baltimore Counties, that company is Hometown Plumbing Services. Call us today for a free estimate.