Sewer Line & Drain Cleaning

snake a bathtub drainLow water pressure, the gurgling of a clogged drain or pipe or the pooling of water at your feet in the shower are more than minor annoyances. They are usually signals that something is amiss in your plumbing system. The problem might originate in your home or office or it may be a blockage or partial blockage in the water main connecting your home to the community’s sewer system. Regular maintenance of both your pipes and the municipality’s system is essential for efficient water usage.

“We can clean or repair any household drain (such as kitchen, bathroom, toilet, shower or laundry sinks). We can jet or camera any sewer main that is clogged or broken and make the necessary repairs to get you up and running again.”

Hometown Plumbing Services can clean or repair any household drain and check the outgoing lines to the sewer system. Whether it’s kitchen, bathroom, toilet, shower or laundry sinks, we’ll start by checking the drains and pipes that are backing up or gurgling. We’ll remove any debris or blockages to get your water running at peak pressure again. We’ll adjust drain controls so they open and close efficiently. If we can’t resolve the problem at the drain site, we’ll also examine the water lines from your home.

Because Hometown Plumbing Service’s technicians are local plumbers, we are familiar with local sewer systems and town regulations. We know the inspection policies and can work with the municipalities if we find any blockages. Municipalities usually clean and inspect sewer lines frequently, to prevent deterioration or potential blockages. Sometimes issues arise between cleanings, and Hometown Plumbing Services can help. We have the equipment to diagnose and treat the problem.

Using a camera to view the inside of the pipes in the sewer system, we can spot possible blockages or degradations in piping. Once we detect the problem, we use jetting – flushing with high-power and high-speed water against the inside of the pipes – to clear the dirt, debris or roots that might be blocking the flow. This is the most efficient technique to keep residential sewer systems free and clear.

Hometown Plumbing Services can clear the way and get your water flowing again. Contact us today.