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Water Heater Repair & Replacement

water heatersWe provide and install all kinds of water heaters. From standard electric to tankless, gas, hybrid and power vent models. Whatever suits your needs, we can accommodate the best fit for you and your home. If you want to go green, we have your alternative!

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Don’t take your water heater for granted. You automatically expect hot water when you turn on the shower, the sink faucet or the dishwasher. Your water heater may be standing quietly in your basement, but it is an integral part of your everyday tasks. Providing gallons of hot water on demand.

Hometown Plumbing installs all sizes and types of water heaters, and we want them to run quietly and efficiently wherever they are placed. We also want them to be the right unit for your home and family, based on your usage. Since water heaters are the second highest energy users in the home, accounting for about 20 percent of a home’s energy consumption. We think it’s important that you know your options so that you can make an informed decision. Whether you’re building a new home or being proactive with an old, outdated water heater, the experts at Hometown Plumbing will work with you to choose the best type and capacity unit for your needs.

The newest water heater models are designed to meet Federal energy efficiency standards, which can result in significant savings on your energy bill in the long run. The technicians at Hometown Plumbing can show you how, and they can recommend and install a variety of water heaters. If you have access to more than one power source, we can suggest the most cost-effective combination of water heater and electric, gas, solar or propane fuel.

Your choice of water heater should reflect your lifestyle and be energy and cost-efficient. We will evaluate your water usage and your fuel source to help you decide on the best one for you from among several different types:

  • Conventional storage – store heated water in a tank until needed.
  • Tankless – water heater heats water “on-demand.”
  • Solar – use solar panels installed on your home’s roof to capture the heat (energy) from the sun.
  • Hybrid- combination of tankless and tank water heaters for more energy efficiency

If you want to “go green,” Hometown Plumbing will show you the Energy Star certified models, designed with the environment in mind. If all residential electric water heaters sold in the U.S. were Energy Star certified heat pump water heaters, the U.S. would save over $11.8 billion annually and prevent 140 billion pounds of carbon pollution – the equivalent of emissions from 13 million vehicles.

And we also install low-flow toilets and shower heads.

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