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Water Main Replacement: Update Your Water Main Connection

water main replacement processWater main challenges don’t just occur in the city cross-streets in the summer time. Water mains are what bring you the water you and your family use each day. That water is flowing through pipes under city streets, under sidewalks, through your yard and into your home. A leak or a break anywhere along the circuit can affect your water supply. Find out where your main shut off is in case of emergency. Call Hometown Plumbing Services if you think you have a water main issue. If it’s inside your home or in pipes that are on your property, our experienced technicians can help. If it’s within the city water main, we can also help you navigate through the necessary steps with the public sewer and water authority. Most importantly, address the situation – both for safety and for your pocketbook. Any breach can result in sky-high water bills or damage to your home or property!

Water Main Repair or Replacement is Not a Do-it-Yourself Project

Hometown Plumbing Services is experienced in all things water. We’ll get the appropriate permits – often required for any job involving a water supply pipe – and we’ll make sure the water coming to your home is safe and ready for consumption after working on the water main. We can fix leaky or broken pipes that have eroded away from age or mineralization, and we can remove that blockage from an overgrown tree root or dead animal.

Know Your Pipes – Especially If You Have Polybutylene

First, know where your water service pipe connects to the water from the main line. Sometimes this shut off valve is located in your home, but it is sometimes outside the home at the street location. If your home is older and has polybutylene pipes, check them for leaks. The average polybutylene pipe lasts only about nine years. Oxidants in the water cause very small cracks in the pipe’s material over time. These cracks can lead to water leaks and serious damage.  If your water is highly chlorinated or has lots of minerals, the pipes will erode faster. Don’t wait for the leak – replace your polybutylene pipes before it’s too late.

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